1. Improving the development of Maori Assets.
    (July 2008) pdf
    • paper presented to the Maori Property Rights conference – Wellington July 2008.
  1. Buy or Build (Sept 2008) pdf
    • factors to consider when buying or building a new house.
  1. Residential Investment (Sept 2008) pdf
    • the impact and decisions faced by Residential investors as a result of the recent sharp decline in the residential property market.
  1. The 'Rateable Value' (Oct 2008) pdf
    • This article considers the relationship between the Rateable Value (more commonly known as the Government Valuation or GV) and the Current Market Value (CMV) for your property.
  1. Rates Inquiry Submission (July 2007) pdf
    • This submission is in response to the Minister for Local Government setting up an independent inquiry into the funding of local government and issues relating to local government rating giving special attention to the impact of rates on Maori land.